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+Installing thcolor
+In order to run and tweak thcolor, you must first install it; this section
+will cover the need.
+thcolor dependencies are pure Python dependencies, automatically installed
+when using a package manager such as pip:
+ * regex_, used for parsing color expressions.
+Installing thcolor using pip
+To install thcolor, you can use pip with the following command:
+.. code-block:: sh
+ python -m pip install thcolor
+Some notes on this command:
+ * On most Linux distributions, you can directly call ``pip`` (or ``pip3``
+ on those where Python 2.x is still the default); I personnally prefer
+ to call it through Python as a module.
+ * On Linux and other UNIX-like distributions where Python 2.x is still the
+ default, when Python 3.x is installed, you must usually call it using
+ ``python3`` instead of ``python``.
+ * On Microsoft Windows, the Python executable, when added to the PATH,
+ goes by the name ``py`` instead of ``python``.
+.. _regex: https://pypi.org/project/regex/