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masterAdding in more tests and fixing a few style issuesThomas Touhey14 days
0.4commit 4a947057b7...Thomas Touhey2 weeks
0.3.1commit ee12fd3938...Thomas Touhey3 years
0.3commit eeca42ae43...Thomas Touhey3 years
0.2.1commit 19e0f4fda8...Thomas Touhey3 years
0.2commit f98704470e...Thomas Touhey3 years
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14 daysAdding in more tests and fixing a few style issuesHEADmasterThomas Touhey11-172/+529
2022-01-01Improved the documentation, is ready for 0.4 release0.4Thomas Touhey6-11/+33
2022-01-01Added color tests, fixed a few thingsThomas Touhey8-86/+276
2022-01-01Wrote more documentationThomas Touhey26-130/+638
2022-01-01Fixed the documentation a tad, made extended hex support optionalThomas Touhey8-31/+85
2022-01-01More tests on decoders, added a few more conversions.Thomas Touhey4-7/+91
2022-01-01Fixed ncol parsing to have dynamic percentagesThomas Touhey4-124/+238
2021-12-31Reorganized the module to have one level and static type checkedThomas Touhey7-64/+50
2021-12-31Compatibility with Python < 3.10Thomas Touhey4-8/+54
2021-12-31Reworking thcolor.Thomas Touhey42-3595/+3736