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@@ -41,13 +41,6 @@ Amongst the showcase and news websites of the organization are:
- `photos.sgdf.fr <https://photos.sgdf.fr>`_: a photo collection for internal
use, but for which rights and high-quality versions can be requested by
journalists to the organization.
-- `phototheque.sgdf.fr <http://phototheque.sgdf.fr/>`_: an older version of
- the website above.
-- `decouverte.sgdf.fr <http://decouverte.sgdf.fr/>`_: a website presenting
- the current season's discovery week-ends and allowing to register to one of
- them, made with `Plone`_.
-- `biblio.sgdf.fr <http://biblio.sgdf.fr/>`_ : the Centre National's online
- catalog, made with `Koha`_.
- `jambville.sgdf.fr <https://jambville.sgdf.fr/>`_: the online website for
Jambville and Scoutik, made with `Joomla!`_.
- `valorise-toi.sgdf.fr <https://valorise-toi.sgdf.fr/>`_: the “Valorise-toi”
@@ -151,6 +144,9 @@ on the main website. These redirects are the following:
- `ouverture.sgdf.fr <https://ouverture.sgdf.fr/>`_:
+- `decouverte.sgdf.fr <http://decouverte.sgdf.fr>`_:
+ `<https://www.sgdf.fr/component/content/article/2355-participez-aux-week-ends-decouverte>`_.
Technical domains
@@ -187,6 +183,11 @@ can find:
which will be shut down by 2019.
- `salaries.sgdf.fr <https://salaries.sgdf.fr/>`_: an intranet for the
organization's employees, runs on `SPIP`_.
+- `lignedurgence.sgdf.fr <https://lignedurgence.sgdf.fr/>`_: a plateform
+ named “Plateforme de la Ligne d'urgence”, running on
+ `JHipster <https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster>`_, with the
+ development equivalent running on
+ `dev-lignedurgence.sgdf.fr <https://dev-lignedurgence.sgdf.fr/>`_.
- `frais.sgdf.fr <http://frais.sgdf.fr/>`_: an expenses management
platform (?), running on `Notys`_.
- `comptaweb.sgdf.fr <https://comptaweb.sgdf.fr/>`_: an accountability website
@@ -204,6 +205,8 @@ can find:
- `petitions.sgdf.fr <https://petitions.sgdf.fr/>`_: platform for proposing
and signing resolutions for the general meetings (probably built with
`Symfony`_ and `FOSUserBundle`_).
+- `wiki.sgdf.fr <https://wiki.sgdf.fr/>`_: wiki for the SGDF, running
+ on `BookStack <https://www.bookstackapp.com/>`_.
- `campagnederentree.sgdf.fr <https://campagnederentree.sgdf.fr/>`_: ordering
platform for communication products for the current season's start.
- `escapegame-welcome.sgdf.fr <escapegame-welcome.sgdf.fr/>`_: digital support