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2019-09-29Just a push of my latest toyings aroundHEADmasterThomas Touhey22-207/+281
2019-06-09Modified the docs theme.Thomas Touhey5-85/+361
2019-04-21Fixed a docs build error for the publicThomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey1-2/+2
2019-04-21Fixed copyright and distribution.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey20-24/+34
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2019-03-26Added some info about valorise-toi.sgdf.frThomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2-3/+130
2019-03-26Made everything available for a first version.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey8-134/+335
2019-02-18Latest updates (request_code updated because of intranet update)Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey8-49/+62
2018-10-29Corrected a few things, yet there is plenty to be done.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey3-32/+105
2018-10-29Added what was missing from SDY, still requires extensive testing.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2-20/+292