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masterFixed a stupid mistake and added a catch, tagged as 0.4.3Thomas Touhey2 weeks
0.4.2commit be71ab21cc...Thomas Touhey2 weeks
0.4commit f8c01d0a9a...Thomas Touhey3 weeks
0.3commit f837de9e69...Thomas Touhey3 weeks
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2022-01-01Fixed a stupid mistake and added a catch, tagged as 0.4.3HEADmasterThomas Touhey2-5/+15
2021-12-31Fixed a few things, go 0.4.2 before the New Year!0.4.2Thomas Touhey21-341/+492
2021-12-26Fixed to 0.4.1 (PyPI problems with the manifest)Thomas Touhey1-1/+1
2021-12-26Rebranded to pyfingerd, ready for 0.4 release.Thomas Touhey37-197/+211
2021-12-26Improved the documentation.Thomas Touhey31-663/+1599
2021-12-25Better logging for my finger server.Thomas Touhey11-235/+156
2021-12-25Used flake8, released version Touhey20-2565/+2789
2021-10-17Some unpushed editsThomas Touhey5-21/+40
2021-09-07Minor edits on CLI and Makefile.Thomas Touhey2-2/+2
2021-09-07Regular tasks have been added! No documentation for these yet.Thomas Touhey5-140/+193