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* many things (i have to review most)HEADmasterThomas Touhey2020-09-205-107/+198
* Some improvements, i guess? not compiling yet thoughThomas Touhey2020-01-0512-139/+409
* Latest fixes and enhancements.Thomas Touhey2019-05-297-10/+193
* Updated docs to use Sphinx instead of JekyllThomas Touhey2019-05-182-9/+24
* Added libusb support (untested).Thomas Touhey2019-04-303-7/+37
* Fixed Windows build problem, made that speed is raw and no longer a constant ...Thomas Touhey2019-04-292-27/+7
* Fixed POSIX buildingThomas Touhey2019-04-293-4/+5
* There seems to be a problem with UNIX-related utilities and their enabling ma...Thomas Touhey2019-04-294-8/+26
* Moved serial listing functions around.Thomas Touhey2019-04-291-33/+39
* Added serial listing native functions.Thomas Touhey2019-04-293-17/+36
* Reorganized the headers for I/O operationsThomas Touhey2019-04-295-277/+325
* Added utilities and reorganized the filesThomas Touhey2019-04-291-3/+11
* Updated serial attributes and copied stuff for partial Windows handles supportThomas Touhey2019-04-283-42/+82
* Modified cdefs macros for functions and dataThomas Touhey2019-04-256-90/+98
* Latest edits and fixesThomas Touhey2019-04-241-1/+12
* Added docs.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2019-04-113-18/+32
* Latest evolutionsThomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2018-11-084-38/+84
* Added read/write_bytesThomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2018-08-301-8/+15
* Compiles now.Thomas "Cakeisalie5" Touhey2018-08-306-0/+805