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2021-09-02latest edits from back in the daysHEADmasterThomas Touhey10-135/+114
2020-09-20many things (i have to review most)Thomas Touhey25-325/+970
2020-01-05Some improvements, i guess? not compiling yet thoughThomas Touhey56-861/+1495
2019-05-29Latest fixes and enhancements.Thomas Touhey128-20045/+805
2019-05-18Updated docs to use Sphinx instead of JekyllThomas Touhey148-896/+21221
2019-04-30Added libusb support (untested).Thomas Touhey12-126/+517
2019-04-29Fixed Windows build problem, made that speed is raw and no longer a constant ...Thomas Touhey7-136/+55
2019-04-29Corrected the docs faviconThomas Touhey2-0/+0
2019-04-29Fixed POSIX buildingThomas Touhey6-121/+174
2019-04-29There seems to be a problem with UNIX-related utilities and their enabling ma...Thomas Touhey10-43/+303