finger (RFC 1288) server-side daemon

finger is both a protocol and a utility to get the information and status from a user on a distant machine. It was standardized in RFC 742 in 1977, then in RFC 1288 in 1991, and has been abandoned since.

While describing the protocol in a blog post of mine, I wanted to implement this protocol for fun, but didn't want to present the real information about the users on my server, so I made this to present some fictional information in order to be able to tell a story through finger.

Find out more on the fingerd homepage.

What is left to do

For v0.2:

  • correct the idle simulation function with a better one.
  • correct error-handling in configuration files decoding.
  • add tests.
  • add documentation for the programming interface.

For further versions:

  • add a live action interface (where a port/socket is opened and updates are read and applied through it).
  • add a POSIX native interface.