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masterSome unpushed editsThomas Touhey6 weeks
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2021-10-17Some unpushed editsHEADmasterThomas Touhey5-21/+40
2021-09-07Minor edits on CLI and Makefile.Thomas Touhey2-2/+2
2021-09-07Regular tasks have been added! No documentation for these yet.Thomas Touhey5-140/+193
2021-09-07Used async logic for FingerServer.Thomas Touhey1-191/+139
2021-09-07Fixed another tz mistake in formatter, added bullet to TODO list for passing ...Thomas Touhey2-2/+4
2021-09-06Added a POSIX interface and fixed native, fixed timezone usage, started addin...Thomas Touhey13-153/+328
2021-09-05Fixed the fiction scenario checkingThomas Touhey2-76/+252
2021-09-04Ready for version 0.2Thomas Touhey16-97/+105
2021-09-04More work on finishing a proper documentationThomas Touhey12-350/+713
2021-09-04Continued documenting and stuff.Thomas Touhey28-702/+969