Silicium Bot for Mastodon

This is the source code of the Silicium Bot for Mastodon. You can find the "official" account for this bot at silicium@oldbytes.space.

The objective of this bot is to find new topics on the Silicium.org forum, and make a reference to it on the Mastodon account (something an RSS reader should be able to do). It should have a low footprint on the Silicium.org forum server (usage of a cache, only update when new things are announced on the category or categories in the chain to the homepage).

The Silicium.org forum doesn't have any API for machines, only humans (using HTML), so this bot scrapes the content. Also, most of the content is only accessible while connected, so you'll need a Silicium.org forum account to run this bot.

This bot is run as a service (not a cron). If you're using systemd, see the scripts/silicium-bot.service file for systemd.